Don't clobber overview page

Is there any way to keep the arrangement of the overview page from getting clobbered when a new extension is added?

It took me forever to get that page arranged in a manner that was tolerable and adding a couple of new extensions scrambled the layout leaving me with a huge mess that I will inevitably have to reorganize.

I don’t know when I will be able to address that unpleasant task, but I would really like a way to keep it from get thrown into disarray again.

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Hey @qpgltdco

Can you please elaborate on what you mean by clobbered? Does the existing arrangement of widgets get messed up?

Please do provide screenshots if possible.


Screenshots would involve way too much photo editing to obscure company confidential data and is not feasible. It wouldn’t really show what happened anyway since I have no “before” image to offer.

Just imagine that all the widgets were arranged in an orderly and moderately useful fashion, like papers on a desk that all fit together neatly. Now picture someone placing some more papers at the top left of the desk and pushing the other papers into new locations on the desk. Nothing is were it belongs and there is no way to know were everything was. The only way to restore order is start over from zero with the resizing and repositioning.

The moving and placement of the widgets is already quite cumbersome without needing to revisit it because it got rearranged without explicit direction. Hence why it would be preferable for changes to installed extensions to not clobber the existing arrangement.

Thanks for the additional information.

I’ve managed to replicate the scenario you’re describing. The arrangement of the widget does indeed change somewhat when a new extension with a widget is installed.

I’ll pass this information along to our development team, and they will look into improving this behavior for future versions of the Dashboard.

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