📢 Enhance Client Relationships with the Latest Pro Reports Extension

We understand how important it is to send comprehensive reports to your clients, showing your hard work to build trust and loyalty.

Keeping this in mind, I am excited to announce the latest updates to the MainWP Pro Reports Extension, making report generation and customization easier than ever. :tada:

Here’s a glimpse of the latest release:

  • Add more data from Child Sites & Extensions
  • New default template
  • More styling options
  • Create reports by client selection
  • Report data available in emails
  • Set filename for PDF attachment
  • Added REST API support

And more…

Head over to the announcement post to explore further :point_down:


Another Update to Pro Reports Extension!

On Friday, we released Pro Reports 4.1.1, addressing the REST API authentication process, and introduced the highly requested feature of customizing titles, subtitles, headings, and more.

Since all textboxes are multilingual supported, you can personalize reports in your clients’ preferred language, ensuring a truly tailored and detailed experience for them.

Upgrade to Pro Reports Extension v4.1.1 today and impress your clients with fully customized, language-specific reports. :star_struck:

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