Error/debug log reporting

Hello everyone,

Interested to know if anyone has a creative way to get reports on the debug/error logs from client sites. I’ve been in some situations where something broke in the ‘background’ and it wasn’t until users began to complain or some regular task was not happening, and it wasn’t until manual troubleshooting revealed that WP error logs were displaying a fatal error that resulted in the problem being addressed.

Situations like these can make the system vulnerable as well as create a blind spot. I was wondering if there is a solution that some has come up with to keep them apprised or if there is something within MainWP that I haven’t come across that can help.

Thoughts please!

Thank you

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Hi @kgps

There currently isn’t an out-of-the-box solution for this in MainWP, but please make a suggestion about it on our feedback site.

And perhaps, a member of the community has their method for handling this kind of scenario and is willing to share.

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