Error: openssl_pkey_export(): Cannot get key from parameter

Hi I am getting the following php error echoed to my screen in Main WP:

Warning: openssl_pkey_export(): Cannot get key from parameter 1 in /Users/*****/Local Sites/wp-manager/app/public/wp-content/plugins/mainwp/pages/page-mainwp-server-information-handler.php on line 223
MainWP Settings

I am seting up on the local app on my Mac, moving over from a setup I currently have on Varying Vagrant Vagrants.

I saw the initial warning relating to something to do with outdated CURL. Not sure if this is related. I did find the ariicle on adding the location for OpenSSL.cnf File and followed the instructions for this in this document:


And I see that someone else has had the same problem:

Any help appreciated.

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I think I have this sorted.

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Hi @SVKilkenny

Welcome to the MainWP community!

I’m glad to hear you got it sorted out.

If you don’t mind sharing - was the solution to manually set the location of the OpenSSL.cnf as instructed in the KB you linked?

Hi Bojan,

It was setting PHPSECLIP (fallback) for Verify connection method that did the trick:

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