Export List of sites with a selected plugin

Is there a way to get a list exported on which website a selected plugin is installed. I have a plugin where the support and development is expired and I want to export the list shown in the plugins section, to get a checklist for moving to a new plugin.
Except from a screenshot I see no possibilty for exorting the list.

Hey @alexpr

Currently, it is not possible to export such a list.

However, if the goal is to install a replacement plugin on all sites which have that abandoned one installed, then perhaps an export is not necessary.

On the Manage Plugins page, you can select sites which have that particular plugin installed, then when you click on the Install to Selected Sites button, you will be sent to the Plugins > Install page, where those sites will be pre-selected in the sidebar on the right.

Thanks Bojan, this is a workaround working for this situation. But sometimes I need the list to inform my customers of comin changes.
But its ok, with copy and paste to excel it works also.

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