Export report data as csv

Hi All,
We use DashThis to issue client reports for the services our clients subscribe to. Is there a way to export the data that is shown on a report as a CSV so that we can import it into DashThis and then the client would only get one report from us?

Hi @trident

Unfortunately, MainWP doesn’t offer reports in any other formats other than PDF, nor do have functionality for converting that report’s data to CSV.

A conversion like this would have to be accomplished using third-party tools.

However, our REST API may be of interest to you, considering you can fetch most of the data with it that ends up being in the Pro Reports.

You can find more information about our REST API here, and full documentation and examples on Postman.

Hi @bojan
Ah ok, I’m thinking of making my own little plugin to just dump the data but I’ll definitely check out the REST API and see if that’s an alternative.

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