Export sites to import into new install

Hello, I searched how to export/transfer all the domains data to a new mainwp install on a different site… the answer I was shown below.

Export Child Sites from Current MainWP Dashboard

Navigate to the MainWP > Sites page on your current MainWP Dashboard.
Click the “Export” button. This will generate a CSV file containing information about all your child sites.
Set Up New MainWP Dashboard

EXCEPT I cannot see any EXPORT button, the answer seems simple enough what am I missing ??


You’re right, because there is no button anymore on that screen. I think this needs to be changed in the documentation.

The good news is that I’ve found the place where you still can export the sites and that’s via Settings → Tools


Hi @ianstudio

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As @josklever has pointed out, the Export function is available on the Tools page.
Our help article containing this information is available here:

I was unable to find the document that contained this information. Can you please let us know where you found this information so we can update it?