[Extension Request] Boilerplate & Page Builders

Would it be possible to create boilerplate pages/posts with a page builder like elementor? All my sites use elementor and so it would be great to publish pages this way. Can I do this already, or is this a feature request?


@deanrobertsnet - you can actually create a boilerplate with all the plugins including Elementor or other page builder you use regularly for sites you create.

Just add them as favorites plugins, then put all of them in a group.

Next time you create a new Wordpress website, you can just install the plugins in the favorite group from the dashboard.

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Works perfectly with Visual Composer (WPBakery), cuase it is shortcode based. I don’t like elementor so I am not sure how it handles layouts. But VC is fully compatible to the current workflow. It just needs to be enabled on the dashboard though.


I have been using it with Beaver Builder. It works like a smooth since it works with shortcodes.