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Since Google is actively developing SiteKit and offer PageSpeed, GA, GTM and other integrations at this moment so i was wondering, would it be possible for MainWP to integrate somehow with SiteKit so we could get rid of one or two plugins from the child sites ?

Moved to Extension Requests but have your tried the Bulk Settings Manager to accomplish this?


Dennis: i am sorry if i couldn’t explain - let me try again !

Usually and mostly , we install Page Speed (required by MainWP), Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and few other plugins to integrate with google services (but Google SiteKit now let us integrate all their services within one plugin)

so what i was asking/suggesting, is it OK to delete PageSpeed plugin on Child Site which is required for MainWP Reports (Google SiteKit supports PageSpeed function )

Plugins in Discussion:

We would need to make a way to track the new Site Kit plugin in the Reports. @bogdan how extensive of an addition would this be?


Google SiteKit is already tracking the data for PageSpeed and some other stuff as well, that said, is it not possible to import that data into MainWP. (purpose is to reduce an extra plugin from Child Site which is PageSpeed plugin)

not sure if that makes sense, but PageSpeed Insight and Google SiteKit’s PageSpeed functio/extension both doing more or less the same thing?

Regarding Extension: i just realized after your question that i mixed many things, my mistake, apologize, but, still scenario posted above in this very comment might be a possibility ?

Even though Google Site Kit tracks the same as PageSpeed plugin, data structure is probably not the same, so it’s not a quick/easy tweak to have reports pull data from alternative source.

However, if you are interested in something like this, you can check out the system for creating custom tokens:

// Create Custom tokens
add_filter( 'mainwp_client_reports_tokens_groups', 'mycustom_reports_tokens_groups' );
function mycustom_reports_tokens_groups( $tokens ) {
       // examples
       $tokens['plugins']['sections'][] = array( 'name' => 'section.plugins.custompluginsection', 'desc' => 'Custom plugin section descriptions' );
       $tokens['plugins']['nav_group_tokens']['custompluginsection'] = 'Custom plugin section';
       $tokens['custompluginsection'][] = array( 'name' => 'plugin.custompluginsection.tokenname1', 'desc' => 'Token1 name descriptions' );
       $tokens['custompluginsection'][] = array( 'name' => 'plugin.custompluginsection.tokenname2', 'desc' => 'Token2 name descriptions' );
       return $tokens;


// token values
add_filter('mainwp_client_reports_custom_tokens', 'mycustom_reports_custom_tokens');
function mycustom_reports_custom_tokens($tokens_values, $report) {
       $tokens_values['[plugin.custompluginsection.tokenname1]'] = 'Value for custom token name1';
       $tokens_values['[plugin.custompluginsection.tokenname2]'] = 'Value for custom token name2';
       return $tokens_values;

thank you bogdan - i will look into this and thanks for providing the code to start with… appreciate !!!

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You are very welcome. I am happy to see the interest in developing custom tokens :slight_smile:

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