Extensions license

When I go to Extensions > Manage extensions I see 3 extions which have no active license:
Wordfence, Woocommerce shortcuts , Woocommerce status.
All other extensions are activated with license. How to activate these 3 licenses?

Hi @alainL

You can find information on activating extension licenses in this KB:


If the steps from that KB do not help, please try the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the WP Admin > Plugins page and deactivate all plugins
  2. On the same page, activate only the MainWP Dashboard plugin
  3. Return to WordPress Dashboard > Plugins and re-activate all other plugins
  4. Navigate to the MainWP Dashboard > Extensions page, Enter your Main API Key and check Remember MainWP Main API Key
  5. Click the Validate my MainWP Main API Key button
  6. Click the Activate Extensions button to activate currently installed Extensions

Just to provide an update on the issue -

@alainL has informed via email that the issue has been resolved after following the troubleshooting steps.

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