[Extention Request] WordFence additional tokens for Reports

Extend WordFence tokens for Pro Reports to summarize how many attacks were blocked. As far as I can tell we only have the option to summarize total scans.

It would be awesome to report this.

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You can cast a vote if you like (top left corner).

I have no votes to use anymore.

This feature would be very helpful to show clients what Wordfence does to keep their site safe every day.

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Did anything come of this? Reporting to clients to the MOST important feature I looked for in choosing a maintenance platform. Hopefully some movement soon would be great on this topic.
Are there any developers you can pay to do this?

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Totally agree. Also still hoping this can make it into the reports. It’s actually the main reason I do not use the reports. At this stage it does not create awareness and value for the clients that we actually do protect them.

@bogdan @dennis Did you collaborate with WordFence on the plugin or did you build it yourself?

Hi Rick, we developed the extension ourselves.
Regarding the additional token, we are planning to add additional tokens, but at this moment, I can’t give you a precise ETA. As soon as I get more info from the dev team, I will update the topic.


Good to hear that it was build by MainWP… looking forward to status update. Thanks @bogdan :slight_smile:


Added 1 more vote! I’m using the standard Wordfence tokens but would love to see how many attacks were blocked.

Is this feature being developed on Github? I’d love to see the code and contribute if possible.