Favorites Plugin uploading new plugin version does not update version#


If you have an existing plugin in your favourites, then upload a new version over the top of it the displayed version number does not update.

The plugin is correctly uploaded to the filesystem, it’s just the version number on in the UI that doesn’t work.

The behaviour is correct in themes, just not plugins.


Hi @kayosdesign

Thanks for reporting this to us.

On the Dashboard > Extensions > Favorites page, we added Akismet 4.1.3 to favorites, and then two newer versions in incremental order over it.
In that case, the version number in the “Version” column was updated properly.

However, when we added it in reverse order (4.2.4 > 4.2 > 4.1.3) the version number did not update. This will be addressed.

Is this the same behavior you are experiencing?

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