Find status on child sites of "Search Engine Visibility" in bulk


I’m looking for a way to determine the status of the WP Reading settings tick box “Search Engine Visibility”.

In a ideal world I’d be looking for some kind of report I can run or a daily email alert if it is set to enabled.

If MainWP can’t do that are there any other solutions to review or recommend?


@HHManager I created this snippet for you. You can use the MainWP Code Snippets extension to return any data that you may need if you know the option name it is stored in the DB with. ( This won’t run automatically, but usually isn’t something you need to watch on the regular )

1 = Yes, 0 = No

As an aside:

If you are having issues with users clicking that option you could hide it in the WP-UI.
Or use update_option( 'blog_public', '0' ); instead as an “Executable” snippet & it will auto set that setting to NO any time the admin is accessed.

WP Resources:


@kwcjr That’s so helpful! Thank you and for the advice.

Very much appreciated



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