Fix security issue failed

When trying to fix Database error reporting
It wil load as fixed. After a refresh I still see: Database error reporting has not been disabled
All other fixes work fine.

Hi Herbert, I have seen this before. In all cases it was some other plugin or even the active theme that keeps enabling the Database error reporting.

Can you try to deactivate all plugins (except for MainWP Child), switch to one of the default WP themes and see how it goes?

Hi Bogdan,
It is just a test child site so no other plugins running, tested with 2020 and 2017 themes. Still the same issue.
Best regards, hrbrt

Hi Herbert,

Thanks for the update.

Do you have debug mode enabled in wp-config.php on the site?

That did the trick. Swiched off WP_DEBUG and SCRIPT_DEBUG. Now it works fine.

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Thanks for sharing the solution.

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