Flexible widgets - background grid

Hi folks, looks like the flexible widgets snap to a background grid when resizing. Is it possible to increase the density of the grid, seems to be a bit of real estate wasted depending on the content of the widget and the next snap point. Also wasted space if the widget includes a button. (Using the default theme.)

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Hi @CestMoi

Thanks for the feedback on 4.5 Beta.

We’ve decided on the 100px height increments for vertical snapping of the widgets, which is why some wasted space can occur at the bottom.

We could shorten the height of these increments, but there are some usability considerations to be had in that case.

We are still investigating what the optimal height would be and are collecting user feedback on it.

Thanks again for your valuable feedback.

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Thanks @bojan, as I mentioned in another thread, as a newbie quite impressed with the software so far, but have to say I’m more impressed with the “customer” support, sadly not all plugin teams get back to people in such a timely manner, kudos.

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Very glad to hear that you are enjoying MainWP and even more so that you appreciate our support.