Font issue with Pro Reports

I have been trying to add @font-face to my report so I can use the fonts I have, it keeps showing an error though each time it is used, as soon as I remove it, it works fine.

How to recreate this:
add a @font-face to the style part of the pro report template.
Click on Download PDF.

It appears with this error:

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent in /home/customer/www/ on line 378

Hi Kyle,

Can you please post your custom template code here so I can review it?

Here is my template :slight_smile: @bogdan

Hi Kyle,

I reviewed your report template and it looks good. However, I am not 100% sure that the @font-face would cause the PHP Warning.
I checked the specific line of code and what I think is that there might be another plugin that tries to set header at the same time.
Can you try to deactivate all plugins on your dashboard site (all except the MainWP Dashboard and the Pro Reports ext.) and see if that makes any difference?

Hi @bogdan,

I have only Siteground Optimizer and Siteground Security. I turned them both off and tried again, it still happened. Maybe it’s something to do with Siteground being the hosting?

I am using PHP version 7.4.28

Hi Kyle,

I am not 100% sure that the host is causing the problem, but it would definitely be worth trying a different host if you have access to one. If yes, you can set just a test dashboard and see how it goes.

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