GA4 data completely wrong

Hi, I connected again my sites with the updated extension to read data from GA4.

The problem is that some data are completely wrong, such as bounce rate and average engagement time.

  • This problem happens to all my connected sites.
  • I have updated mainWP and GA extension to the latest version


  1. Bounce rate is usually 0, or something really close to 0, such as 0.2%. This is not correct.
  2. Av. eng. time is hours, instead of minutes.

Here it is an example, but as I said, the same thing happens to all my sites.

The same wrong stats appear in reports too, so many clients have started complaining.

Thank you

Hi @dichagr

Thanks for reporting this to us.

We’ve managed to reproduce the issue and are looking into it.

We will issue a fix for it in the next release of the extension.


The issue was fixed in version 4.1.3 of the Google Analytics extension released on June 14th 2023.

Thanks again for reporting it to us.

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