GA4 : I can't see my customer's websites

I followed the insctructions to connect GA4 in my MainWP dashboard (Google Analytics Extension - MainWP Documentation), but I only see my primary account and not those of all the others sites I manage (customers).

Have I forgotten a step?

Thanks for your help


Hi @Olivier

If you are not seeing all properties, including those from the accounts you manage for your customers, you’ve likely not added the Service Account email as a viewer to those properties.

Steps 17 to 20 from the help document must be done for each property you wish to see the data for in the extension.

Ah ok so we have to do it for all sites.
With the old version we didn’t need to do it account by account because the main account could access all the sites’ statistics.
And besides, I’m not an Admin for each customers, just a Reader…
It’s a pity, because it takes a lot of work to do it site by site now… :frowning:

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Where i can added the Service Account email as a viewer to those properties?

They must be added in the Google Analytics Dashboard, as described in steps 17 through 20 of our help document:

OK thank you Bojan
I have more than 50 sites and it’s impossible to request access to each client to have the stats in their reports and in my control panel… it’s a shame to lose this functionality…

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Unfortunately, there is no other way to gain access to property data other than to add the Service Account email as a viewer.
You can ask to be an admin and then add the SA email yourself or ask them to add it themselves.

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