Getting lighthouse results via API

Hi there,
I would like to start using Lighthouse extension and get the results for each website using the API.

on the mainWP dashboard, lighthouse results is visible for each website, so the api key is correctly configured but I don’t get anything requesting the API.

Is there anything I missed when configuring mainWP ?
I don’t see anything referring lighthouse in the endpoints available in wp-json/mainwp/v1/

Thanks in advance for your help.


Hi @tuxtux00

The Lighthouse endpoints are


All MainWP REST API calls, including full documentation, and examples, are available on Postman.

More information about MainWP REST API is available here:

Hi there,
thanks for your answer but unfortunately, when I try those endpoints, I get a 404 with error code “rest_no_route”


Thanks for the update.

Is the Lighthouse extension installed and active on your MainWP Dashboard?

And are any endpoints being blocked by a plugin or a server rule?

You can read more about REST API and/or certain endpoints not responding in our KB:

Lighthouse extension is installed and active and there is no server rule blocking any API endpoint.

I am already using API with other routes without issue.

I am kind of stuck

Thanks for the update.

Would you mind opening a private Help Desk ticket so we can collect some additional information & investigate further?

And please refer to this Managers thread by its URL in the ticket.

Hi there,

after updating all the plugins, it is all working fine.

The issue now be closed. Thanks for your help.

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