GoDaddy Managed Hosting Changing IPs

If you are on Godaddy Managed Hosting:

The TL;DR: If you’re with GoDaddy Managed Hosting and notice a sudden disconnect, take a moment to see if your IP’s been changed.

This is just a quick heads up: in the past week, we’ve had two users mention that GoDaddy Managed Hosting switched up their child sites’ IPs without any warning.

Honestly, we’re not sure if this is a wider issue or just a unique situation for these users.

But, heads up: an IP change will disconnect your child site from your dashboard, so you’d need to reconnect.

Two quick tips from one of the affected users:

“The quickest way I realized the change was by comparing the IP in the Managed WordPress dashboard to the DNS settings”.

and that user also added

“Yet I was still able to access them directly even with the wrong IP.”

Again, if your IP is changed, your sites will disconnect, and you will need to reconnect them.

TLDR: If you’re with GoDaddy Managed Hosting and notice a sudden disconnect, take a moment to see if your IP’s been changed. And as always, we’re here for any questions!

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Hi Folks,

I’m having this reconnection problem with a child site.

The child is on GoDaddy Managed Hosting, under the Deluxe plan. The IP address is different than the one represented in my MainWP “Test Connection” result.

I keep getting the Connection Test Failed. HTTP-code: 403 Forbidden.

I’ve dug through the client’s hosting server as far as I can get using SSH connections. I can’t seem to get into any error logs at the server level.

Wordfence WAF is running but my current MainWP dashboard’s IP address is in there as whitelisted. No other WAFs seem to be running.

I can’t seem to get my IP address whitelisted on the child site to enable a good conneciton from MainWP to the child. Ideas?

Hi @CapWeb

The discrepancy with IP addresses in previous cases was between the GoDaddy Managed WordPress Dashboard and the DNS settings of their sites.

These users had to fix that manually by changing the A record in the DNS settings.

If, however, those two IP addresses are matching for you, the issue is caused by something else.

In that case, we’d suggest opening a private Help Desk ticket so we can collect some additional information & investigate further.

The reason why Test Connection might be showing a different IP is if you are using a cloud proxy like Cloudflare.
And the 403 Forbidden might also be caused by the same cloud proxy or by some other security rule.

Thanks Bojan. It was a CDN issue.

GoDaddy Managed WordPress uses a custom global CDN for their MWP sites.

I disabled the CDN via the GoDaddy Pro connection, flushed all the caches, disabled and re-enabled the MainWP child plugin on the child and was then able to connect from my dashboard.

I was able to sync the site and apply much needed updates.

I then re-enabled the GD global cache, reflushed all the caches again, and verified that I am still able to sync my Dashboard with the child site.

Thans again for your insights.



That worked for me as well Bojan - thank you for sharing this.

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@bogdan in collaboration with a GoDaddy engineer, is addressing the compatibility issues between MainWP, GoDaddy’s managed hosting, and their Cloudflare configuration. GoDaddy has reportedly resolved the issues on their end. Should you encounter further difficulties, please promptly inform GoDaddy’s support team for continued adjustments.

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