Google Analytics 4?

My GA4 properties do not appear in my MainWP GA to select under “Google Analytics Account Property”, only my GA3 ones do.
I read another post indicating that I need to enable the Universal Analytics option when I set up my property and that I can’t turn it on later?
Does that mean i have to delete the existing sites and re-add them in GA in order to track GA in MainWP?


To add to my post … I just set up an new property and it has no option to use “Universal Analytics” - me thinks that the plugin will not work with GA4 properties.


It seems that an update of the plugin is necessary to be compatible with the latest version of Google Analitycs.
But I don’t see any mention of a planned update…

As per my testing, once a property is created, there is option to enable Universal Analytics, but when creating a property you have option to enable it. This means that if you recreate your GA4 properties and enable UA, GA extension will show it.

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Thanks @bogdan - that is what I had to do, recreate my properties and enbale UA.

But I think the main question everyone wants to have an answer to is when will MainWP function with GA4 alone?

Hi Gary, thanks for getting back to me.

I had our dev team check the GA API, and this is something that is still missing on their end. In my opinion, the Google team started pushing GA4 properties too soon.

Anyways, I have made this help document about creating Universal Analytics properties if anyone else stumbles upon this same problem.

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