Google Analytics Extension is so confusing-Please help!~

Hey everyone - so question. So I am in Google Dev which is Google Cloud - at least it redirects me to there. I have my company set up as an organization. Underneath that I create an account - do the whole oauth bit and get my id and secret. I can connect it to the GA extension under the actual extension. but if I go to the site and edit it to add the property to the child site - it shows no properties. I have 6 projects with 6 of my clients all set up exactly how described in the docs. Under Account Management they all say connected. Under Visitor Data - it says connect google account - which I have 6 connected.

What am I missing - is a project with a OAuth credential a property?

@theonmedia Hey Niki - Yes, Google Analytics and most of Googles software is extremely confusing. Yes, “Projects” with OAUTH creds are “properties”. Are you using GA3 or 4?

Here is our documentation on the Google Analytics extension including how to use GA4:


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