Google Analytics stopped working

Google Analytics worked fine for more then a year for all my websites. But suddenly - without changing anything - I am disconnected from Google and now need to reconnect. But whatever I try I am not succesfull in reconnecting to Google.

Also re-uploading the json file gives me an error : Please upload the correct Service Account JSON Key file. Refer to our help document for more information.

Any help is appreciated.

I managed to upload the json file (from Service Account!) but it give me status ‘disconnected’. In Google the status is ‘active’.

How to proceed?

Hi @alainL

It’s possible that you were trying to upload OAuth JSON key file instead of Service Account JSON Key file.

Please make sure that all 3 necessary APIs are enabled in the Google Cloud Console.

Remove that ‘disconnected’ account from the extension, follow the steps from the documentation carefully (one miss-step will cause an issue with connection), and please try uploading the Service Account JSON key file again.

Thanks, I removed everything completely in Google Analytics and started over. Now its working again by following each step carefully.

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