Gravityforms Plugin Shows It Needs Updated After Updating

Whenever I update Gravityforms on Child Sites with MainWP, I always need to do a “Sync Site” to have it removed from the Updates Page as needing to be updated.

This happens regardless of whether I am only updating Gravityforms or it along with other plugins. When the page refreshes, the other plugins no longer show as needing to be updated, but Gravityforms continues to show that that it can be updated. As mentioned, I need to resync the site.

But this behaviour does not occur with other plugins after updating.


I’ve seen the same behavior recently. The weird thing I noticed as well is that if I open the Sites overview page and filter the sites with “Available updates”, the sites with GF don’t show up, even when they are still show on the Updates page. So this is not just a Gravity Forms issue, where the sites don’t give correct feedback after the update, MainWP plays a part in this as well.


Hi @ianscott

Thanks for reporting this to us.

We are looking into it and we’ll update you as soon as we have more information.


We’ve identified the problem, and the fix for the Gravity Forms issue will be released in the next version of the MainWP Dashboard.


Can you give a hint about the cause/solution? That information can be useful if other plugins/themes have similar issues.

Sure, I’ll check with the development team and update you as soon as I can.


The issue was due to the MainWP code which handled updates to premium plugins and themes.
The information about the performed update was not being properly changed in the database, so the available was still being shown until another sync was performed.


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