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Hi Community!
I just started using MainWP admin last week and I’ve been deep in trying to get a few sites set up with some scheduled reporting. I am having trouble getting data to show for the lighthouse extension and the pagespeed extension (I tried both!) I do see the data on the client dashboard and partial light house data on the MainWP dash. I’m hoping someone here can tell me what I’m doing wrong! TIA!

Hi @alacarte and welcome to the MainWP community.

The data for Lighthouse and Pagespeed can be enabled in the Report Content & Design Customization section on the Report Data tab.

You can also add additional information using Pro Reports tokens. The full list of available tokens is here: Available Pro Reports Tokens - MainWP Documentation

And you can find our help document covering the Pro Reports extension, including the usage of tokens here: Pro Reports extension overview - MainWP Documentation

Hi @bojan , thanks so much for the reply.

I did add the data from the extension to the report for both lighthouse and page speed: And I was able to see the Lighthouse data in a report for one client but no data for the others.

Here is a screenshot of the report’s data selections:

And this is what is displayed on the report:

On the MainWP Lighthouse dashboard, I see this:

Thanks again for your help!

On the Lighthouse Dashboard, for the site that doesn’t have scores, can you click on “Audit” in the three-dot menu and see if that generates the scores for that site correctly?

After that, try previewing or generating PDF report again.

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