Hide / Itheme security (new name Solid Security)


There seems to be a bug with Itheme Security management.
When I ask to hide the plugin, it tells me it’s ok, but the plugin is still visible.
Could this be due to a change in the plugin’s name? (which is now called “Solid Security”)?


Hi @Elyaz

The name change of the iThemes security shouldn’t be affecting the functionality of our extension.

I’ve just tested now the Hide plugin functionality and it works as expected.

Can you check that you have the latest MainWP Dashboard(, Child(4.5.3), iThemes extension(4.1.4), and Solid Security plugin(9.1.0)?


I wasn’t specific enough in my description, sorry.
In the “Plugins” section, the plugin is no longer visible, but… it’s still there in the menu.

Can you please provide some screenshots of this so we have a better understanding of the context?

Hello :slight_smile:

Here : Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

Screen recording is much appreciated, thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve managed to reproduce the issue and passed it along to the development team.

It will be fixed in the next version of the extension.

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