Hide sidebar on load

This is just an annoyance, anytime you load the sites, the sidebar opens then you have to hide it. Is there any way to have this just hide unless I want it unhidden?

This might seem stupid but it seems to put a delay in our process.

The other question is there any way to get mainwp to open up to sites and not the dashboard, we feel the dashboard is a lot of useless wasted space since we cannot figure out how to resize the boxes.

But really those are the only issues we have seen on this last beta. So keep up the improvements.

Edit: I forgot one more thing. How can we minimize this top bar. It seems they should be all in line as this also wastes a ton of space.

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Hi @mygoto

Thanks for trying out the beta and providing feedback to us.

We will be addressing these two issues in the next release.

You can change the default page after logging into WP and set it to Manage Sites: How to change the default page after logging into WordPress - MainWP Documentation
And you can also change the URL of the logo so it leads to Manage Sites instead of Overview: Customize MainWP Dashboard logo - MainWP Documentation

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