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Using as an example, the Manage Sites page. If I’m displaying numerous sites and have all or many of the screen options showing and I choose a particular site to edit, it’s easy to mistakenly choose the wrong site because as I scroll to the elipse there’s no way to tell which site is selected.

Hope my post is clear.

@Lemarque Thank you for your feedback. Please, feel free to also post this on our Feedback page here: https://feedback.mainwp.com/

In the mean time please utilize the MainWP Custom Dashboard Extension and paste this into the CSS tab, clear your cache if you happen to be using any and you should see Odd & Even rows now highlighted.

/** Site’s Table Odd & Even Highlighting. **/
#mainwp-manage-sites-table tr.odd { background-color: #E2E4FF; }
#mainwp-manage-sites-table tr.even { background-color: white; }


Thanks Keith!

I just downloaded the extension. I’ll also post over @ feedback.

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Ahhhhh. This is brilliant.

Thanks, @kwcjr

You saved my old eyes just the right amount of angst!

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@CapWeb Hhaha, don’t mention it :wink: You’re very welcome.

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