Hold on WordPress 6.4 updates until WordPress 6.4.1 is released

Plugin and theme updates show as being slow or timing out post WordPress 6.4 update on sites.



I’ve just tried to patch a site by uploading the Curl.php file without the changes in the breaking PR using the File Uploader Extension. That worked, so if sites can’t update anymore, this could be a workaround.



Impacts anything that uses cURL to connect on the site.

You are linking to the bad patch (657) that’s included now in WP 6.4. That change needs to be rolled back. That’s not really clear from your comments.

Removed that link.

Hopefully there is a hotfix for the issue that goes out soon.

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They’ll probably need to change something on the wp.org side, because sites with this issue can’t get updates, but we’ll see and otherwise I’ll use the File Uploader extension.

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Manual patch is in this link.

WordPress 6.4.1 should be released later this evening.

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api.wordpress.org should be working as expected as well on sites running WordPress 6.4.1.

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The RC for WordPress 6.4.1 has been released.

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The real issue was not WordPress, it is hosting companies using outdated tech stacks.


@techmagick It was a change in WordPress, that surfaced existing issues at hosting companies. But not just old versions as I’ve seen sites with more recent versions that were affected as well. They are still researching the real cause, so I’ve already told that to the writer of that article, who said he would update it. If you read the discussions in the trac/github tickets and on Slack you can learn more details.

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