How do I get client site admin notices in MainWP?

I miss important child site admin notices like ‘woocommerce database needs updating’ or ‘wordfence scan failed to start’ (these may not be good examples just ones I thought of right now) because the only way I can see to check them is to go to each child site and look myself.
Is there a way to see all child site admin/nag notices in a central area? Preferably in my MainWP dashboard.
What am I missing?

Having them emailed would also work as I can get them into Trello and manage them there.

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This would be important and is needed ever since. I do not expect this or anything similar to come. But I know that it would be possible because whenever you send settings with the bulk settings manager you will see (besides a horrendous amount of nonce errors) all notices from the child site.

So there might be a rather easy way, but I would not rely on waiting.

For those messages I use WP Activity Log on the Child sites and the MainWP extension to catch some of those but not all will show. Event logging should be part of MainWP or even better, WP core.

Thanks for your replies.
I agree admin notices/event logging should be part of MainWP if site management is going to be done from within the MainWP dashboard otherwise you have to visit each site to check you haven’t missed an important notice.

I have WP Activity installed on my child sites to find out what has happened after something goes wrong, I’ll take a closer look to see how I can use it for admin notices.

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