How do I migrate my MainWP install?

So I’ve migrated almost all the child sites, but now it’s time to migrate the MainWP install to my new server.

Before I do, I just wanted to ask if there was anything to worry about or be cautious of? I looked in the documentation and didn’t find anything and I searched this forum and didn’t find anything.

Anyone here done this before? How did it go?

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Your MainWP dashboard site is just a WordPress site, so you can move it like a normal WordPress site.
Of course you make sure you have a good backup before changing this, but it should be fine.


Hi @intcultcom

As @josklever pointed out, ​migrating a WordPress installation with MainWP Dashboard installed is identical to migrating any WordPress installation.

​You can find more information about migrating WordPress installation in the official WordPress codex: Moving WordPress – Documentation


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