How do I use the Bulk Setting Manager extension when plugins need a database update?

I’ve seen a handy key that will update WooCommerce’s database when that’s (frequently) needed, but I would like to know how we could do the same thing ourselve when other plugins do this.

For example recently Yoast SEO required this as shown here:

Image 2020-05-09 at 10.52.21 AM

I am sure we will see more of this type of thing going foward.

Many thanks

Hi David, I am not sure that this would be possible for any plugin. It all depends on how a certain plugin handles DB updates.

However, it’s worth to try, the process should be simple,

  1. On one site where DB update is required, install the MainWP Key Maker plugin
  2. Click the button to perform the update, and after the page reloads, click the Key Maker button to get the key
  3. Copy the Post-submission key and import it to your BSM extension
    After this, the key should be ready to use on other child sites.

Thanks Bogdan. I will give it a try. I suspect the success will depend on us having a page reload.

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