How to change author when creating bulk blogs?

Hey guys! This plugin has been super helpful with my content delivery network, we usually publish blogs on our main website and have them republished on our sister company websites.

My question is, how do I change the author when creating my blog posts on the Main WP platform? Usually Wordpress allows you to choose the Author on the right hand side, but its non existent on Main WPs dashboard. I also tried publish the blogs with a different Wordpress login but it still attributed the same author as when I used my main login. Any thoughts?

Thank you!!!

Hi @ciaran

When you create a post via MainWP Dashboard, the author of the post can only be the user account that was used to connect the child site to the Dashboard.

If the author of all posts on a particular child site is always one and the same, you can use that author’s user account to re-connect that particular child site to the MainWP Dashboard.

If not, unfortunately, you would need to change the Author on the child site itself after publishing it via MainWP Dashboard.

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