How to clean 1.7Go the table mainwp_stream_meta?

We have a website with the table “mainwp_stream_meta” with 1.7Go !!!
How to clean this? Just clear directly the table in data base or maybe in the dashborad MainWP?

Thank you


Hi @Olivier

Can you check on the WP Admin of the child site, on the Settings > MainWP Child > Child Reports Settings page, for how many days are you keeping records?

If you are keeping them indefinitely, we’d suggest lowering the number to something that makes sense for your reporting needs (30 days, 3 months, a year).
After you lower the number of days and Save Changes, the records outside that number will be purged.

The MainWP Child Reports database can also be completely cleared on that same Settings > MainWP Child > Child Reports Settings page:

Hi Bojan

thanks :slight_smile:

We have the same configuration… strange…

We have clean all ! +3 000 000 !!!

Thank you

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