How to connect a Salesforce DB to the MainWP system

I have been using a Salesforce DB for 15 years as a repository for client website data ( address, privacy policy, disclaimers, Google Analytics ID, etc.)

I am a VERY NEW user with MainWP and I am wondering IF I should keep all this data in Salesforce AND somehow sync the relevant SF fields to my MainWP system or should I be looking for a way to port all my client website customized data over from Salesforce over to MainWP.

I would appreciate hearing if anyone else in using MainWP has faced this question before and what was their solution.

Hi Tony,

Welcome to the MainWP community.

Syncing the SF fields to the MainWP system is not possible out of the box.

But considering both Salesforce and MainWP have REST APIs, it would be possible to make a custom solution.

In case you would be so inclined, we invite you to build that custom solution. MainWP is very developer-friendly, and you can find our MainWP Developer Resources at

Thank you for your fast reply to my question.
I will discuss this situation with my Senior WP Developer.

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