How to duplicate elementor content from Parent MainWP towards Child MainWP?

Greetings all,

We newly acquired MainWP pro and we have an existing Elementor on our Parent MainWP site
How can I duplicate or send to my child MainWP sites those elementor elements?

Thanks in advance~!

Hi Chiron,

Can you please provide more details? Do you want to push Elementor templates from the dashboard site to your child sites? If yes, have you tried the MainWP Custom Post Types Extension? I am not 100% sure it would work, but it’s worth to try.

Hello Bogdan,

Basically we have an existing website with all elementors templates already setup and customized and online for some time.

We need to create a duplicate site for another segment/target audience, but we still have 50% our elementor pages which are still needed to need to be similar in content and updates.
Ex. a page “about us” would stay the same on the parent site and child site(s) and when updated on main site, it should be updated on the child site.

Our understanding was that mainWP handled the duplication of contents from parent site towards child site. I am not sure how it works for elementor though.

So basically,
can I duplicate elementor Templates towards child site? ==> I’ll try the MainWP Custom Post Types Extension, thnks.
can I duplicate elementor zone with content ( basically an existing page and content, like the about us page mentionned above) towards child site? ==> is it possible?

I tried to find some link or step by step tuto but found nothing so far on my end.


Hi Chiron,

I believe that the MainWP CPT Extension could help here.

If you go to the WP Admin > (Elementor) Templates page, and locate the template that you want to push to your child sites, you can click it to edit it (Classic WP Editor). When there, the CPT Extension will insert the select sites box where you can select sites where to push this template and update it.

Thank you Bogdan

This solves my issue
How do I close this ticket?

Hi Chiron,

Thanks for verifying that the problem has been solved.

I will close the topic now, however, when needed, you can close topics by marking a post as a solution:

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