How to get a list of all sites that have a specific plugin


I’m new to using mainwp and was wondering if there’s a way to determine which of the sites I’m managing with mainwp have a particular plugin installed? Right now, it shows what plugins need to be updated but it doesn’t show all plugins but I’m trying to get a list of all the sites that have a specific plugin.

A related question: What is the best way to then delete that specific plugin from the sites?

Thank you.


Welcome, Neil!

Please try these 2 KB Articles

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Thank you, Dennis!

I love MainWP so far. It’s an outstanding service and I’m looking forward to learning more.


Dennis, when i do that even selecting all the sites, no plugins come up. Does this feature only work with plugins that were originally installed with MainWP or plugins already installed too?

Okay, plugins are appearing. The keyword feature didn’t bring anything up but I removed the keyword and all plugins seem to be there.

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