How to lookup if a plugin is NOT installed?

I’m re-opening this topic because it’s kind of kind of ridiculus how we have to lookup a plugin that’s not installed. Please fix this!!

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I agree that the current workaround is not very useful. It should be possible to list all sites (not all plugins on sites) that don’t have a plugin active.

If you have the Code Snippets extension, this snippets would be another workaround (with Wordfence as an example):

$plugin_array = get_option("active_plugins");
if (!in_array("wordfence/wordfence.php", $plugin_array)) {
	echo "Wordfence is not active on this website";

Thanks Jos!

I’ll use the code snippet for now :slight_smile:


Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

In the next version of the Dashboard, we will be adding a new Per Site view to the Manage Plugins and Manage Themes page.

So after performing a Negative Search, you will be able to see all sites that do not have that particular plugin or theme installed, and you will able to expand those sites to see which plugins are installed and perform additional actions.


@josklever @rhoekman the update should be available in Friday’s beta release ( ) as long as everything goes as planned.


Thanks Bojan and Dennis! :smiley: That’s awesome, really looking forward to this update!:+1:t2:



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