How to Remove iThemes Security Plugin Data Leftover on Uninstall

Originally published at: How to Remove iThemes Security Plugin Data Leftover on Uninstall - MainWP WordPress Management

If you use the iThemes Security plugin on your WordPress website and want to uninstall it completely, but, the normal uninstallation sometimes leaves the database tables and cron events that you may need to remove manually. This guide is for you! iThemes Security Plugin for WordPress In order to remove the iThemes Security plugin’s database…

Is it possible to use MainWP to scan all sites for leftovers and hopefully even remove them? Maybe with the Code Snippets extension?


  • Select all tables containing a certain string in the name and delete them after confirmation?
  • Select all cronjobs containing a certain string and delete them after confirmation?

Maybe it could even be an idea for a “Cleanup Extension”, where popular plugins can be uninstalled and users can update that list.

  1. Check if plugin is installed and give a warning if installed or even activated.
  2. Show the leftovers of the plugin and ask for confirmation before removal.

I’m not a developer, but it sounds like a good idea to cleanup sites, use less disk space, improve performance etc.

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A cleanup extension for MainWP would be solid.

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