I am getting a weird a Wordpress 6.1 error

I am new to main WP, I am moving from ManageWP, I am trying to setup all of my backups and monitoring and security.
I am getting this weird error on a couple of my sites, that are hosted at the same place, I cannot remember if it is Siteground or Flywheel?: but I cannot figure out how tu just reinstall WP over the existing one, it somehow has disabled that?

any suggestions?

Hi @mikewfmsitemgmt ,
This is an alert from Jetpack Protect. I got the same as you for the WP Core.
It is an open issue and will be fixed on the next WP Core update.

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Now all of my sites are showing this issue. I seems like a vulnerability? the scan says it is?
Does anyone know when the next fix for this might happen?


The issue in WordPress core is considered an issue with very low priority, as you can read in multiple forum topics, like:

The second one regarding WPForms is one you should take care of by updating the plugin.

Both issues are not going to be solved by MainWP, because it’s not their code.


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