I am MainWP Pro user, but I didn't get CodeGuard coupon

If you have active MainWP Pro membership, but you didn’t receive copon, first check you email again and make sure the email didn’t end up in Spam. If the email is not there, please open a helpdesk ticket at so we can check out what is going on.

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Hi Bogdan,
What is all about? What is CodeGuard? I understand that I have to open a ticket since I didn’t receive any email but I would like to know more about it before.
Can you share details?
Thanks @bogdan

Hey Fred, you should get an email in a few minutes. Give it some more time and you will see :slight_smile:

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Here you go @wpexpert, the emails are queued and should be going out over the next few hours with personalized coupons for a year free of the Dashboard plan.


We have removed the necessity of using a coupon to make it even easier for Pro members to claim your free Dashboard backup from CodeGuard! All you need is to be sure you are logged into your MainWP Account and complete the process on this page:

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