I have 6 sites managed w/MainWP; 4 with errors when connecting to WPAdmin


I have 6 sites on shared hosting. Recently, I cannot connect to 4 of the 6 WP admin page via MainWP. I receive the following error:
“ERROR: Sorry, there was an error. Please be sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled in your browser and try again.”
Would cache be causing these issues? I can independently get to the admin page on each site without issue, but not when I go through MainWP.

Any suggestions on how/where to troubleshoot?


Hi @halbertech, welcome to the MainWP community.
Do you have some kind of firewall plugin or spam shield plugin? If yes, try to disable it on one site and see if you are still getting the error.


Hi @halbertech, I would agree with @wpexpert , it does look like some security rule could cause this kind of a problem.

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Thank you! That was the problem spam shield plugin. But the funny thing about it is that it is installed on all 6 sites, shared hosting, and 2 work fine. I’ll figure out what I need to configure to allow the other 4 domains to work and if not remove/replace the plugin from the sites since it is outdated. Thanks again for your help!


Thanks for sharing the solution.

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