I have several sites that won't connect, even with the child plugin


This is my first day of working with MainWP and I’m already in love! I appreciate the people who took the time to put together such an awesome platform.

I’ve got a few sites (I manage about 25), that are giving me the same error when I try to connect from the Main site. The error is:

MainWP Child Plugin not detected! Please make sure that the MainWP Child plugin is installed and activated on the child site. For additional help, contact the MainWP Support.

But the plugin is installed and active. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling it. I have my main site on a fresh copy of WP, as you suggested to minimize any conflicts there’s nothing but the 2020 theme and your plugin and Siteground’s SG Optimizer plugin (which is on all of my sites).

Am I doing anything wrong? Is there something I can to get these few sites connected. Two of them are in development so I’m like in them every day. This tool would be so perfect.

I hope there’s a fix!

Jamie Richards

Hi @jamiegrichards, Thanks for reaching out and for your kind words.

For the start, can you please run the Test Connection feature for the sites in issue and let me know what response do you get?


Thank you for that tip. I didn’t even notice that. When I tested that it said Connected Successfully with this message:

RL: www.jamierichards.us (CNAME: www.jamierichards.us.cdn.cloudflare.net) (IP:, - Received HTTP-code: 200 (OK)

But it still wouldn’t connect to the site.

Thanks for your help!


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@jamiegrichards Ah, you are on CloudFlair, Could you please test temporarily Pausing Cloudflair and then Monitor your DNS at a site such as https://dnschecker.org for it to switch over and then try to connect again;

If this works then you may be able to add your Dashboard to the Whitelist of the CF Firewall.

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Well, I paused it in Cloudflare’s dashboard as well as on my hosting server. I cleared all my caches, but it still wouldn’t connect. and it gave me the same message as above. I’m going to give it a little time and try it again. I cleared my caches, but you know how that can be.

Thanks for your help!

I even tried it in an incognito browser, same results. I’m bummed. This is my personal site and I would LOVE to be able to manage it . Thanks

@jamiegrichards Any firewall in place on the child sites? If yes, try to disable, connect and put it back on.

Hey Frederic! Thanks for responding. Well, I didn’t have a firewall, but I disabled all my plugins and was able to get it connected. Then I activated them all, and was still able to sync. Don’t know why it couldn’t make that first connection, but it’s all good now!!

Thanks again! I love this plugin!


@jamiegrichards Interesting, I’m am glad that you got it working though.

Please reach back if if you have further issues.

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