I want to group different categories on different sites, can I do that?

I have different sites where each site have its own catalog (in the post section/blogs) so I need to create a function that group different categories.

Can I do that? And if yes, how or what is the function I should to install it, and where to add it?

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Hello and thank you for your reply, however I am tackling the category one, not the sites.
I have different wordpress blogs with different categories title, so I am trying to achieve a group to be able to be more functional

Hi @Mohammad76

Could you please explain in more detail or give an example of what criteria you want to use to group your Child sites?

Assume that I have
website 1 have categories “cat”, “dog”
Website 2 have the categories “File”, “Table”

I want to post one post that send the blog to categories “cat” and “File”. So same post different websites with different categories.


Thank you for the explanation.

Unfortunately, that is not possible. When you are publishing a post on multiple websites through the MainWP Dashboard, the category of the post must be the same.

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