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I am new to MainWP. I entered two sites by hand, now I want to import the rest. The demo CSV says that only URL and Admin User are required. No more info to the CSV requirements seem to exist. I create the CSV on my Mac using Apple numbers, exporting as CSV. Import works with no error but no sites are imported.

What is the exact layout of the CSV (quote, escape and field chars), are other fields as URL and Admin required?

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@joker The correct format is provided from the example given on the Import page. You must include every column even if blank. Quotations may or may not be used.

The correct format is below: ( Single site per line. )

  • Site Name
  • URL
  • Admin Name

All other fields are optional
site name,url,admin name,group,security id,http username,http password,verify certificate,ssl version
"Site 1","","frus_admin","","","","","",""

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Problem was that seperator has to be a comma. Alhough semi colon, as in my case, would be a fully valid CSV, this was not accepted and there was no error message that would have been any help.

Glad you figured it out.

CSV delimiters are at the discretion of the developer. We chose to use the default Comma.

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