Incorrect number of updates for the tab "Updates (XX)"

Hello folks,

Why I have 11 updates in my tab even though I only have 10 WordPress updates in total (9 for plugins and 1 for WordPress core - same inside the dashboard of the website, I just checked after clearing caches).

Is it a known bug?

Hi @adrienrobert

That’s an unusual issue. Can you please try to synchronize the child site and see if that fixes the count?

I already did it, the issue is still there.

I’m using LiteSpeed Cache on all my websites but I have the cache control MainWP Extension.

Would you mind opening a private Help Desk ticket so we can collect some additional information & investigate further?

I just created a ticket support, thanks!

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Noticed exactly the same issue! I saw it a while ago but didn’t take the time to open a ticket…

@bojan - can you update this post if you find a solution?
Thanks! And thanks @adrienrobert for reporting it… :wink:

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Of course, I’ll update the topic if/when we find a solution.

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