Introducing Atarim Inside MainWP & Vice Versa

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Being an agency, developer, and freelancer, how do you handle the entire process of design changes suggested by your clients? Do you get feedback from clients via emails, WhatsApp, etc., and create a list of tasks that still may have ambiguity? How about adding a tool to your workflow where you can visually collaborate with…


I understand from the article, that the availability of the extension can tak a couple of hours. Do you mean making it available via our Pro package? Because I still get the message, that I need the Pro packags, which I have.

Extension not purchased. Find out more…

Yes, the server is still working through Pro Members and providing access.

This usually just a few hour process, once this run completes we’ll investigate why it took so long and adjust accordingly.

Apologies for the delay.


I’m also unable to install the Atarim extension and I do have the Pro plan.

Thanks for investigating! :slight_smile:

I was just able to install the extension after waiting quite a bit. However it seems that I can’t test it, because for the integration I’ll need a paid plan for Atarim, while I’m still testing with the free version (as I’m not sure it will fit my workflow). :frowning:

Hey @Wendell

We have updated your account, and you should be able to install the Atarim extension now.

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Thank you for the quick resolution! :slight_smile: :heart_eyes:

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Thanks for taking to look at it @josklever. Also, I appreciate it how on top you are on our updates and making sure we stay on our toes.

We have updated the documentation to reflect that it does not work with the free version of Atarim. It’s similar to how on our end the Extension is only available for Pro members.


I’m always on top of updates, also for my clients. Sometimes I want to go too fast, but then I learn from it and know how to do a step back again. MainWP makes my work so much easier that it’s not more than logical that I help improve it as well. Maybe that will go the same way with Atarim, but it’s not yet immediately clear. I already have reported a few little bugs, but the bigger issues need more research. And I hope to find more people doing the same work as I do (updates, security, support, but not bulding sites), so maybe Atarim can be updated to accommodate this type of work. The collab with MainWP might be a good first step in the right direction, but it looks like I won’t be able to test the Atarim Extension soon. :man_shrugging:


Based on the type of work your listing, if part of your support and updates includes site updates such as text changes, image changes, and things like that.

In that situation, your client can click on what they want to be updated or changed on their website, and you can see it directly in your Atarim and MainWP Dashboards instead of dealing with it through an email or ticket.

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From the client it can be things like: “This is not working as it should.”
From me it can be things like:

  • This plugin needs to be replaced.
  • This plugin misses an active license, so it can’t be updated.

I’m not an agency with a team of developers, I’m just by myself working with clients and their developers (who can work for multiple clients). And it’t not a small number off websites with large projects, but many sites with little issues. More on this can be found in my post on the Atarim FB group:


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