Issues with Pro Reports


The monthly Pro Reports that are sent automatically to my clients today have some issues:

  • Uptime monitoring values are missing
  • GA numbers are missing
  • Google Lighthouse is showing shortcodes instead of numbers

I have logged in to my MainWP dashboard and did some previews of the Pro Reports and everything looks fine. I have downloaded all client reports manually and send the correct reports to my clients now.

However, when the reports where send automatically the above issues appeared. What could be wrong?


I am having the same issue except that all of the MainWP information is showing shortcodes and I can’t download them manually and when I do it tells me the file is corrupt. When I preview them, I just get the shortcodes as well.

UPDATE: I fixed it by completely deleting the Pro Reports plugin, downloading the new version from the MainWP website, added it and re-licensed it. No updates were showing in WordPress, but there was a new version.


Same issues for me, with 64 child websites.

Edit: I do same @clareconcept and it’s work fine!!
Thanks Clare, happy new year!!


I have the same issues as Alwin (except I do not have Google Lighthouse in the report) this month. I am using the latest version 4.0.12 of the Pro Reports and MainWP. Everything worked fine last month.

The emailed version of the reports are missing:

  • Uptime monitoring values missing
  • Google Analytics Page is completely missing
  • Domain monitor report tokens showing and not actually values (I had added this to the overview page)

If I preview or download the report manually everything seems to be fine.

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Hey @freepixelweb @clareconcept

Welcome to the MainWP Community, and I’m glad updating the Pro Reports has solved the issue for you.

@Alwin @eSIlverStrike
Can you please try updating not only the Pro Reports extension to the latest version, but also all relevant extensions such as Google Analytics, Domain Monitor, etc…

If MainWP Dashboard is not showing available updates for the extensions, it may be necessary to re-activate your API key as described here: Activate Extension(s) API - MainWP Documentation

All are already at the latest version (at least what My Account - MainWP WordPress Management reports as the latest version).

Domain Monitor is at 4.0.1 and Google Analytics is at 4.0.5

For the report I also have the additional option selected “Email me when report is complete so I can review”

This issue is a little more difficult to test since the preview and download of the report works fine. It’s when the report is scheduled and then sent by email. The pdf attached to the email contains the above mentioned problems.

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Thanks for the update, Tom.

Can you please share with us the tokens you are using for Domain Monitor?

Is the Google Analytics page completely missing even when you select “Show” instead of “Hide if empty” for it under the Report Data section?

To ease your testing, you can duplicate the report and then configure the duplicate one to be One-time instead of Recurring, and then change the “Send email to” email value. Then you can just press the “Send Now” button to instead of waiting for a schedule.

Great! Glad it helped!


Yup. The first thing I did was double check the tokens. They are correct (plus they work in preview mode). Here is a snapshot of the pdf emailed to me.

I do have Google Analytics data not to show if no data so I guess when the report ran it found no data. (even though their is data as I see it in the preview)

I created a duplicate report as you said and ran it manually and hit the Send Now button. The report it emailed me worked with no errors.

So I set the schedule of the report to daily and I will see what it sends me tomorrow.

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I have al the latest updates I think:

  • Pro Reports version 4.0.12
  • GA version 4.0.5
  • Lighthouse version 4.0.2
  • AUM version 5.2.2

I have had no problems with automatic updates for the extensions.

  • The preview of the reports looks fine, no issues there.
  • When I set Report type to One-time and click the Send Now button (mail it to myself only in this case) then the report I receive is also without any issues.

So I start to believe the problem is when the report is scheduled?
So I scheduled I daily report to see what happens when using the schedule option. I have to wait untill tomorrow for this. I will let you know.

(I also re-activated my API key)

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I just got my daily scheduled test report and the above problem still exists.

So I can confirm the reports work fine when previewed, downloaded, or manually emailed (when you hit the send now button).

They reports do not work properly for some reason when scheduled to be emailed daily or monthly (have not tested weekly but assume the same problem).

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Hello Tom,

I will receive my daily scheduled report tomorrow, but I expect the same issues as in your case. I will let you know.

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@eSIlverStrike @Alwin

Thanks for the update and for testing the One-time reports. We will run a test to see if we can reproduce the issue with Recurring reports in specific.

good to hear you just removed and reinstalled Proreport plugin. I’ll give that a try.

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I received my scheduled (test) report today and I can confirm that the issues are still there in the report.

Previewing the report and using Send Now, the reports are fine.

Scheduling the reports and the issues are there. So the problem seems to be with the scheduling option.

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Thank you for the update.

We have managed to replicate the issue as well, specifically with the PDF attachment in the Recurring type of Pro Reports emails.

The development team is now doing a further investigation, and we will update this thread when we have more information.


I was having the same issue. For me. I had a custom report that i was using and apparently after i updated the extension my custom report was blown away. Luckily i had a backup on my computer from the time i was building the custom report. Once i upload my backup file, the reports started working fine.

Hello Bojan,

There is an iupdate for the MainWP Pro Reports Extension today. I just installed it. Is this update fixing the issue?

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Hey @Alwin

Yes, this update (4.0.13) addresses the issue of missing data in certain sections of the reports and the issue of tokens showing their names instead of values.

Please let us know if it solves the issues for you.

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Hello Bojan,

I scheduled a weekly report which I will receive by email tomorrow.

I will let you know if the issues are solved.