iThemes security preventing installation of plugin files via upload

Hi there
When I try to upload a plugin zip file to install on multiple sites, I get a forbidden error while iThemes security is installed on the main dashboard site.

when I deactivate iThemes the function then works.

I just want to see if anyone has been able to keep iThemes security running on the main dashboard and still be able to upload plugin files i.e. are there are any settings that can make this possible as I would like to keep iThemes running.


Hi @zunaidk

Welcome to the MainWP Community.

I’ve just tested out this, and with the default settings of the iThemes Security (Free) plugin on the Dashboard site, I was able to upload the ZIP of a plugin and install it on all child sites.

Can you try installing a different ZIP file to verify that the issue isn’t related to one specific ZIP?

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