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Have been running MainWP for over a year now with about 16 client websites. As of a couple of days ago it stopped automatic synchronization. It may have coincided with the latest update of MainWP. It synchronizes just fine if I do it manually.

To get it back to automatically syncing I have tried:

  • changing the daily update frequency as well as making other small changes in the general settings and then saving.
  • removing the only 2 extensions I had installed (Securi and Uptime Monitoring).
  • deactivating the MainWP plugin and reactivating.
  • reconnecting all the child sites

MainWP is running on a dedicated WP install with only one plugin: Wordfence Security

I also created another install of MainWP on a different subdomain with a fresh install of WordPress. I removed 2 sites from the original MainWP and added them to the fresh install for testing. There are no WordPress plugins in this testing install. It also does not update/sync after running for 10 hours. The update frequency is set to 12 times per day.

Both sites are on the same shared hosting provider running cloud linux/cpanel under the same account and IP/domain (just different subdomains)

I can confirm, it is 4.6 of the dashboard that stops the auto sync. There are also issues if you update both child and dashboard that updates all respond with a failure x even if they are successful. I rolled the child plugins back and the failures stopped, but I had not rolled back the dashboard yet.

@7thcircle Thank you! I will try rolling things back.

We didn’t receive reports of this issue during the early release phase of this version, so thank you for bringing it to our attention. I’ll have the team review it first thing Monday morning

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I’ve been testing 4.6, but didn’t notice the lack of synching the child sites, because I’ve been messing with that a while ago, so I was already used to the fact that I broke it, but it was not really a problem, because I manually sync a few times a day as well.
But I’ve checked via Info - Cron Schedules and see that the latest job was run on December 18, and that’s probably the day that I installed 4.6.


Thank you all for reporting this to us.

The development team is looking into it.

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@lestweforgit @7thcircle @josklever

The development team has identified and fixed the issue.

Please send me a direct message if you want me to send you the pre-release version of the MainWP Dashboard.


I’ve installed the new version and the cron jobs are running again! :slight_smile:

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Great news and thanks for letting us know :slight_smile:

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I can confirm that WPCron jobs are back in business for me as well! Thank you again!


Same issue here. Started after the last update.

Thank you all for the reports.

We’ve received multiple confirmations that the fix is good, and we are planning a release for today.


MainWP Dashboard v. has just been released.

Full Changelog: – 01-09-2024

  • Fixed: Issues with broken cron jobs, ensuring that scheduled tasks are executed reliably and efficiently.
  • Fixed: Implementation of PHPSecLib in localhost environments.
  • Fixed: A problem with SSL verification when using PHPSecLib, to improve security and stability during SSL communications.
  • Fixed: Incorrect firing of the automated check for available updates, ensuring automatic updates perform correctly.

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